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Joshua Gonder Memorial Foundation


In 2009 our dear friend and Joshua's Ally for Christ, Sister Marie Kateri (seen elsewhere in the site) moved to, of all places Ontario Cnada eh!  Mother Agnes Mary Donovan gratiously accepted our annual contribution to the work of the Sisters of Life, made possible by the supporters of the JGMF.  To learn more visit


  The recipient of the 2010 Joshua Gonder Memorial Scholarship is Mr. Joseph Fierro. The following is a testament to Joe's character and resilience provided by Mr. Ed Neary, the Dean of Koinonia Academy , which made this years's selection a near slam-dunk. 

Joe has faced several obstacles in his young adult life and has, by the grace of God (which he will readily admit to) met the challenges and used them as stepping stones to continue.  He has suffered for many years from chronic allergies, migraine headaches, sinus infections and the like.  A couple of years ago, one of his lungs spontaneously collapsed, necessitating the placement of a chest tube and a several day stay in the hospital.  He still experiences nerve pain at the sight of the incision, and his conditions have prohibited him from participating in many sports and activities that the other guys in his class engage in.  His dream for many years has been to enlist in military service, but even that dream has been affected by his physical conditions.  Through it all, he has maintained a positive outlook and has witnessed to the power of the Lord in his life allowing him to keep his eyes on Christ and his eternal goal; just like Josh always did!.


This year the Joshua Gonder Memorial Foundation was honored to support the Center for Great Expectations

in memory of Len Schaffenberger.

Accepting our 2009 Contribution is Director Ms. Peg Wright


The Joshua Gonder Memorial Foundation was pleased to become a partner and supporter of the Hawk Pointe Foundation and the Annual Bob Ross Classic.

Hawk Pointe Foundation  www.



Once again The Catholic Center of Rutgers University receives support from the JGMF. With John and Maryanne Gonder the Brothers of Life, (l. - r.) Brs. Jude, Adam, Ken and Gary.