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Joshua Gonder Memorial Foundation


One Person Can Make a Difference: Click on Link to see why.

One Person Can Make A Difference



Want to see something special?  This is from a Josh Soul Mate Ceclia Schwartz (l.) Click here;


A couple of avid Ranger fans at Bayonne High School Ice Rink.  Boomer's son Gunnar was also at the rink that day.  Gunnar like Josh is facing challenges in life as well. To learn more go to


Taking a "J-Walk with us this year is Oswaldo Castro (below) a man with a lifelong struggle with Cerebral Palsey with other complication. The JGMF is "walking" with Oswaldo to help him with his hearing problems. 


Joshua was granted his Wish by the Dreams Come True Organization the highlight being on the set of Family Ties with Michael J. Fox.  Michael as you know is stricken with Parkinson's Disease and ironic twist to say the least, considering all the help he has given to youngsters like Josh.